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Barzelatto & Associates can assist you and your company when doing business outside the United States by providing professional services other than language.

In many countries we have developed a competent and professional network in a variety of fields.  We are able to refer you to bankers, attorneys, real estate brokers and agents, secretarial services and of course interpreters.  Our international partners have worked with us for many years and know how to operate in an international context.


When requested to provide equipment along with interpreters we can provide:

  • Interpreter soundproof booths
  • Headphones, transmitters, and receivers
  • Microphones (podium, roving, lapel, push to talk table mikes)
  • Tape recorders
  • A/V Equipment, including digital
  • Portable equipment for small, private meetings
  • Projectors, screens and laptops


The need for communicating in many languages increases every day and Barzelatto & Associates can assist you and your company with:

  • Simultaneous interpretation for conferences, seminars, business meetings, training sessions, negotiations and other events that require conference style interpreting.  This is done with the use of equipment such as fixed soundproof booths in a conference room, office, classroom or with portable equipment when touring plants or facilities. 

This type of interpretation is ideal for international conferences with speakers and participants from many countries and therefore a variety of languages.  It is also suited for training courses, seminars and workshops in a classroom environment.

  • Consecutive interpretation.  This is done without equipment and the interpreter listens for a period of time taking notes then interprets what was said into the language of the listening party.  For this mode of interpretation, you must allow at least double the time that it takes with simultaneous interpretation.  This style is best for communicating with foreign employees, when explaining a piece of equipment or policy to a new employee, when negotiating diplomatically and both sides need ample time to reflect upon what their interlocutor is saying. It is the traditional mode of interpretation used in diplomacy, as conversations are usually ad hoc and one on one.  The time used by the interpreter to take notes and then delivering the interpretation, may be used by both sides for deeper reflection, consultation or strategizing.
  • We provide referrals for interpreters in court, hospital and community settings when requested.

We are able to provide language and communication services in many countries around the world, in nearly every continent.

Call or e-mail us to find out how we can help you communicate overseas.

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