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​Our company was founded by renowned conference interpreter Veronica Barzelatto, who is a member of AIIC. Most of our conference interpreters are members of AIIC, thus providing our clients with a reputable and immediate assurance of quality.

Interpreters working with Barzelatto & Associates are competent professionals with years of experience and who possess the general knowledge and culture necessary for quality interpretation. They are well traveled and globally informed individuals, fully aware of the context and consequences of what they interpret. All are highly qualified and certified in their specialty when such requires it. They adhere to strict professional standards and ethical codes:

AIIC Professional Standards (link)
AIIC Ethical Codes (link)

Barzelatto & Associates goes beyond the mere provision of interpreters; we select the best suited interpreters for each occasion, within limits. Most interpreter/associates have worked with us for years and some go back to the same client time after time upon request. Our clients realize that it is always better when the interpreters are familiar with their business and idiosyncrasies, so that hiring the same ones repeatedly eliminates the need to inform them anew of every detail, for every event.  For this reason, it is best to provide ample lead time when requesting interpreters. This can be from 6 months to a year in advance for large conferences or conventions, which gives Barzelatto & Associates a greater possibility of securing the specific interpreters requested or the best ones for that job and subject. Most quality interpreters are booked months in advance.

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