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With over 25 years of experience Barzelatto & Associates specializes in simultaneous interpretation, otherwise known as conference interpreting. Over the years we have acquired expertise in economics, global finance, science, anti-terrorism, law, agriculture, medicine, real estate, architecture, the arts and many other fields. We have provided interpreters for a premium client list that includes NSIC, the CEC, Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, Hewlett Packard, Sony, PIMCO, Merrill Lynch, NetApp, and many government agencies, foreign embassies, non profit organizations, as well as private firms.

Barzelatto & Associates can also help clients establish the necessary connections in many countries outside the USA (where we are based) through our network of business, government and financing contacts worldwide. Our expertise goes beyond language, as we interpret cultural nuances, local tradition and customs.


Conference Interpretation is our core business at Barzelatto & Associates.

We offer simultaneous interpretation done through microphones into headsets from original language (speaker) into target language (listener).


Barzelatto and Associates has proven experience that goes beyond the language aspect when you do business abroad. We will help you plan a strategy to provide you with client prospects, business associates, attorney's services, financing or other contacts when doing business in certain countries. We then also provide the interpreters, enabling you to communicate with all of them.


We can provide the technical equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation in different settings.

When providing interpretation equipment we work with state of the art providers such as Conference Systems, Inc. and Conference Rental.

Barzelatto & Associates is the official 

translation and interpretation service 

provider for Inman News Features.

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